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CP pallet

Created at the beginning of the Nineties by the VCI (Verband der Chemischer Industry), the CP pallets types are dedicated to the chemical industry. Since, their management was entrusted to the APME (Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe) which organizes the diffusion and the collection on a European scale.

The standard defines nine models of pallets, from CP1 till CP9, being able to carry out several rotations. If needed, the CP pallets can undergo one or more repairs. At the end of lifetime and like any support of handling, they are given value or eliminated.

CP pallets answer to a precise schedule of conditions in regards of wood quality, of fixing of the elements, marking and dimensional tolerance.

Various markings of the CP pallets allow their identification:
  • the type of pallet, CP1 till CP9
  • the code of the manufacturer and/or the reconditionnor
  • the date of manufacture
  • the possible date of reconditioning

Negoce Palettes proposes the sale of new and second-hand CP pallets (1st and 2nd choice), at all quantities and to all destinations.

You will find detailed information in connection with the CP pallets on web site.
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Negoce Palettes : sale, purchase of new and second-hand pallets

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