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case-pallet or palox

The agroalimentary sector, agriculture in particular but also petrochemical industry, have specific needs of storage handling. The case-pallet and palox answer to exigeances of robustness and protection of the matters or transported products.

Traditionally of wood, the case-pallet is made up of chamfered elements with the sections similar to a heavy pallet, the case being generally bolted on the sole. A horizontal belt can reinforce the unit on certain models.

case-pallet assembly  case pallet

The standards dimensions of a palox (large X length X height in centimetres): 100x100x120, 100x120x180, 115x120x180, 110x120x160. The maximum loading is 1,5T.

Since the Nineties, steel, aluminium and plastic are matters used in the manufacture of case-pallets and palox.

Negoce Palettes proposes the sale of case-pallets, palox and industrial, new and second-hand cases (1st and 2nd choice), at all quantities and to all destinations. Type and dimensions of the case-pallets.

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Negoce Palettes : sale, purchase of new and second-hand pallets

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